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krotix Sunny California home to some of my favorite HC and I am 60 years old bands jerks, black flag, justice league, tilt, neurosis( pain of mind) Favorite track: Just To Be.
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released May 11, 2019

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Marc Estabillo
Artwork by Malachi Greene


all rights reserved



Scowl Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz Hardcore

Vocals - Kat
Guitar - Malachi
Drums - Cole
Bass - SCHC


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Track Name: Roots
Roots of this tree, bury me
environmental chokehold
i can’t fucking breathe
control i feared losing, ripped away from me
left on my own, palms bloodied
won’t keep swallowing everything you feed
damaged mind and body no fucking need
once a child, i never could see
my eyes are open, enlightened me
never learned what family means
bottles tarnish what it could be
deny your actions, infect my wounds
let it fester, spiral soon
tooth, nail, fight for this life
it’s in my heart
it’s in my eyes
Track Name: Negative Contract
what you do and what you say
doesn’t mean you’re here to stay
picked my odds, don’t play my game
respect you seek you will not gain
what the fuck am i to you, after all you put me through?
immune to your abuse, your ego is bruised
you deflect the blame and i’ll take aim
i’ll take aim
what you do, what you say
don’t mean much, who’s to say?
tossed the board, an unfair game
roll your dice, pieces lost, forget my name
Track Name: False Virtue
my body
my war
my body
our battle began long before conception, deception, their perception
opinions forced, eyes that burn, trapped under a microscope my stomach turns
carrying this weight, breaking my back
just to please
judgement you lay just a disease
ball and chain fucking sink
wish i didn’t care what you think
wish i didn’t care what you choose
wish i didn’t mind what we lose
wish i didn’t care what you think
never believed it’s real, a pain you never feel
truth to distort yet claim to support
threads of this hypocrisy wearing thin
busy digging my grave, but it’s yours to fall right in, you can never win
my war
Track Name: Just To Be
Grown so sick of waking up
one thousand days in a row
rotting and begging never to face
one more single tomorrow
learned to mitigate, in my eyes you see hate
shattered glass, the mirror lies
trust myself i really try
trust myself i really try
step into the light it’s not a sin
genuinely real, raw, and true
not a sin just to be unforgivingly you
wished for death every day, devils desire there’s another way
misery contained, make it through the rain
unknown fate, unknown fear and pain
unknown fear and pain

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